Ruffed Grouse Grows A Tail!

We had another miracle case this summer. The patient was Ruffed Grouse, delightful birds of the forest. During courtship, males make a deep, airy drumming sound by beating their wings while standing on a log. It is one of the beautiful sounds that identify spring in our northern forests.

This summer a gentleman brought a ruffed grouse to REGI. The bird had few feathers left on its body and many dog bites on his back and abdomen which went though his pelvis into his abdomen. He prognosis very poor. The grouse was in such bad condition we didn't take any photos of him until days later.

A few months went by. The ruffed grouse improved enough to be housed in an outdoor aviary. His last physical documented that he was healing, but some serious health problems remained. His feathers had not yet grown back. The fact is we were not sure the feather follicles would ever recover and grow feathers.

Last week it was time for another physical to check his condition. The grouse brought into the clinic for an exam was a stunning example of a male ruffed grouse. His feather condition was perfection. He had scars on his body but was strong, flew strongly and his injuries had fully healed.

The day was beautiful. The grouse was ready. The entire REGI crew walked to the forest the surrounds REGI and celebrated the release of the miracle grouse. He took off from the box and immediately flew high into the trees and beyond.

Good luck buddy. We hope to hear you drumming when spring comes.