Banded Saw-whet Owl

A busy night tonight with lots of wildlife calls. Just now we admitted a beautiful Saw-whet Owl. This small owl was hit by a car near Merrill, WI. Our thanks to the VanderGeest family for noticing the small owl on the road, rescuing him and then driving it to the REGI facility arriving after 10:30 p.m. The young owl is banded. He has a head injury, internal bleeding and was dehydrated. He has had fluid and is resting for the night. 

The owl was banded in 2015 in Minnesota two years ago almost exactly to the day. He was likely banded at a banding station, which are strategically placed to capture birds and band them as they migrate south for the winter. Banding is critical to gathering information about birds of all species, and helps collect data on lifespans, migration routes and times, and more.