Loon Released in Gulf of Mexico

This loon is from Lake Lorraine near Lake Geneva. Yvonne Wallace-Blane of Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital got the reports off this poor loon caught up in an increasingly small area of water as the lake froze in around her. We are so grateful to Yvonne, The Walworth County Sheriff’s Department and our own fantastic loon capture team Kevin and Linda Grenzer and REGI staffer Jake Looze. It takes a village to coordinate and do something of this magnitude safely. 

Her release was one of the fastest ever! She saw the water, didn't wait to be picked up and placed in the water,but instead charged ahead under her own power! This little one is a very strong bird and surprised us in many ways from the length of time she remained submerged with each dive to the distance she moved away with each dive and then she called once and took to the air. She has things to do and places to go in her life and now she has the ability to do just that. We wish her a long life and happy fishing. She has her second chance at life now and judging from her attitude she is not about to waste a single second of that life. 

Our gratitude to everyone that played a role in the capture, care and happy ending of this magnificent loon. The beginning of course is the person that saw and cared enough to report her dilemma to Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital, the great folks that monitored her situation while she was on the frozen lake, the Walworth County Sheriffs Department, our loon rescue team, Kevin and Linda Grenzer and our own Jake Looze, George and Rosalie Blumenschein for transporting many loons this year and in the past from the airport to release sites, R. J. Hilgers & Sons that supplied so many minnows for her and other loon and grebe patients and of course the wonderful company that allowed her and our other loons to ride to warm climates for release to the Gulf of Mexico. There are so many heroes in these wonderful stories. Without a single one of these stellar individuals being involved this story, it would have ended in Lake Lorraine and in a very different way.