Christmas at REGI

We are not sure why it is but on holidays the patients that get the most attention are Canada Geese. Maybe it is because families gather and geese often frequent the same areas as families. As it happened a handsome Canada Goose with a wing injury was captured and transported by Jolly Old Saint Nick (AKA Kevin and Linda Grenzer). This goose has been seen in Eagle River for a few weeks, but evaded earlier efforts at capture. 

We are grateful to Diana and Jim Warden for keeping an eye on the goose and supplying him with food until he was able to come into rehab. Thanks to Mark Fedrowitz and Debbie Soberg for helping with capture. 

Our patient has wing fracture but is safe now in the REGI clinic. Thanks to everyone involved in locating, feeding and capturing this handsome goose. We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all our REGI Facebook supporters.