Common Loon Admitted

We admitted a young Common Loon patient this afternoon. She has an eye injury, that is mostly healed. It likely prevented her from fishing. She is ematiated and weighs less than half of her normal weight. She has been tube fed liquid food to stimulate her digestive system again and a medication to prevent a fungal infection called aspergillosis from taking over her internal air sacs and lungs. Aspergillosis is very difficult fungal infection that often affects loons partic...ularly when they are ematiated. We want to get ahead of any problems. She has also had light feedings of small minnows at this time. When birds are starving, they can actually die from getting too much food/calories at once. It takes calories to digest calories. Our young patient is in a negative balance at this time so we have to go slowly using a "re-feeding" protocol. We hope you enjoy this short video as she catches some scrumptious minnows.
This young female loon was found scooting along on near a road near Indian Lake. We are so grateful to Pat Anderson. She found this young loon, captured and then transported her to REGI. Thank also to R.J.Hilger and Sons Bait Inc.of Antigo for supplying us with the copious amounts of minnows that will help us keep her well nourished.

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