American Kestrel Releases

It was an exciting day for seven our American Kestrel patients. Several were admitted as orphaned chicks, usually when their nest trees were felled by storms or tree trimming. A few, were admitted as injured adults.

At daybreak REGI staffer Jake Looze and I were up capturing the small falcons and boxing them for their trip to the release site south of La Crosse on the Mississippi flyway. The prairie site was perfect for kestrels heavy with grasshoppers and mice.

At noon today they were released. We were unable to get release shots, but having spent the better part of an hour capturing the kestrels in the flight this morning, we know they were in perfect condition to not only survive but thrive.

Enjoy the photos of the kestrels when admitted and then this morning as we captured and boxed them for their trip to freedom.

Fly well little ones. Have a great life.

Thanks Jake for spending your day off driving several hours to make certain the kestrels had a perfect release site and best second chance at life.

Raptor Education Group, Inc.