Lead Poisoned Eagle

We admitted a lead poisoned adult female Bald Eagle this evening from Tomahawk, WI. She was found by group of hunters while they were in the woods. They called REGI to get her help and waited with her while our rescue/transporters Kevin and Linda Grenzer arrived and transported her to Raptor Education Group, Inc.in Antigo. The eagle has a high lead level, is in liver and kidney failure and respiratory distress. She arrived with a very low body temperature. We started treatments soon after she was admitted including CA EDTA injection to begin chelating the lead from her blood, antibiotics to address her respiratory/pneumonia and a heated enclosure to bring her body temperature up to a survivable level. She is in very critical condition, but we are trying our best will stay with her thru the night to assist her. 
Our thanks to the three hunters that not only found her, but called for help and then stayed with her while our transporters were on their way to rescue her and transport her to REGI. Our heroes all! Linda Kevin Grenzer